John Derrek



Statistically, there are hundreds of students in the Rapid City Area School District that don't have a permanent address, they live in temporary housing, cars, with friends or family and even on the street.

Already, advocates with the Rapid City Area Schools have identified hundreds of homeless students since school started in August. These students often aren’t visibly homeless, but they do lack permanent housing. Will you join the Breeze in our 4th Annual Outreach to give hope to these students this Christmas? We’re asking you to purchase $25 Visa gift cards to bless these students. December 9th is the deadline to donate or purchase gift cards. Our goal is to give 400 students 400 - $25 gift cards, thank you for giving hope this Christmas. 


Thanks to First Interstate Bank for providing the plastic cards and donating the processing fees of the cards.

Cards can be purchased by going in to any First Interstate Bank location or online here.


Google Map of locations HERE